The following is an overview of services offered at New Baltimore Community Church.

God has called us to have a passion for Him and a compassion for others. Therefore, our worship service is geared to build our love for God, each other, and this world for whom Christ died. How does the service work? We generally follow this basic order:

Worship Song: To help us get focused on the Lord, entering his presence with praise (Psalm 100)

Scripture & Prayer: To get us more centered on the Lord

Greeting: Yes, we literally get out of our seats to greet each other, check up on our week, etc., because Scripture tells us to love one another, greet each other, show hospitality. One of the comments we consistently get from our guests is the love and acceptance they feel when they worship with us.
“What did Jesus do this last week?” We share any special good things or prayer needs. Birthdays and anniversaries are often celebrated

Announcements: To find out how we can get involved, what’s going on, etc.

Worship Songs: To get us re-focused again and prepared to listen to God’s Word in the sermon

Sermon: Bible based and applied to real life needs. Some of the comments we hear are: “transparent, fun, convicting, willing to tackle the tough subjects.” You can check out the sermons on the tab above under “Sermons” called, “Weekly Podcast.”

Worship Songs: Usually two songs to give us a chance to meditate, seal our decisions with the Lord, come forward for prayer if needed. The offering is taken during this time. We encourage our guests to feel no obligation to give since we are here to serve them.

Blessing: We close the service much like we began with a song of blessing to one another. The congregation is then encouraged to stay, visit, talk and show Jesus’ love to one another.