Construction Updates

The air here at NBCC has been carrying the sounds of hammering, saws, and passing along dust to every corner of our sanctuary. But don’t worry this is a good thing! We are currently remodeling our sanctuary. We hope to have this project completed this summer. So please excuse our mess and come and join us in worship because we will be meeting in the sanctuary every Sunday during this remodeling. 

Also, join us at 9:30-10:45 a.m. for our NEW one service time.  Sunday School starts at 11:00 a.m.

Enjoy the progress that we have made with these photos:

This is a picture of our original sanctuary

This is the beginning of our new stage and the small foyer turned into the back of the stage!

We turned the sanctuary around and made the back offices part of the room too.

This is the view from the new stage.

This is the back view of our first one service. 

**Soon to come pictures of more drywall, paint, and carpet!**

Also, we are starting soon on laying the foundation for our new outdoor full court basketball court which will be located in the park near the back parking lot of the New Baltimore Ice cream Stand. We are very excited to provide such a nice court for the community. 

**Pictures coming soon**