The Nest

What is there to say about our youth group? First of all you are invited if you are between the grades 6th – 12th. If you are from our area i am sure if you scan the picture below you can find at least one person you might know. If not, come on don’t those look like people you want to know? So seriously, consider coming out! We meet every Wednesday at 6pm and we end at 8pm. This is the easiest night to come and it is normally a fun relaxing atmosphere! (don’t worry we wont make you stand up and give a sermon on your first night.) We also meet on Sunday nights from 6-8 (how convenient!) and this is what we call next level ministry. Sunday nights are for those who have a relationship with Christ, an level of depth, and have a desire to grow deeper. We achieve this by doing bible studies and breaking into small groups. The groups are broken up by gender and by age, so if you thirst for more, come on out.

What is youth group? Here is a list of what i think of when i look back over our time here: Mission Trips, Service Projects, Worship Bands, Concerts, Conferences, Making Movies/Music Videos, All-Night Events, 30 Hour Famines, Life Sized Board Games, Glow Nights, Slip n Slides, Water parks, Camp-outs, White Elephant Gifts, Devotional Books, Student led Sermons, Dodge ball, Jungle Ball, Basketball, Softball, Tubs of Cereal, Weekends Away, Friendships, Mentoring, Youth Assistants, Worship, Journals, Dancing, and Ping Pong. Yep, that is all i think of when i think of The Nest. One profound Student in our group once said The Nest is where we all gather to be fed in Christ, so we can all go out and shine his light to others. To sum it all up – We are a community following Christ on his many adventures.

Youth Group is for Middle School and High School Combined. (6th-12th Grade Only)

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Youth Pastor Tim Keene

330-935-0152 ext.102

Serving Since 2007. Born October 15, 1984. Married in 2009, College Degree From Malone University, and Current Hall of Fame Dodgeball Player (or something like that). Also check him out on Facebook by clicking the button below.

  Lot’s of Photos are posted of the YG on Tim’s Page.